The Crazy Cat Lady Goes International

Pumpkin, exploring his new, temporary digs

After 36 hours in transit and 48 hours of very little (read: >2 hours) sleep, me and my posse arrived in Taray, Pisac, Peru, at a community that has no street address, just a name.

The posse includes my partner, and not just one, but two cats. One of whom is currently perched on a counter, glaring at me, and growling intermittently. Which is pretty much par for the course for our lovely little jaguar. Traveling long distance is draining. Traveling long distance with cats is a bit insane. Traveling long distance with a cat that literally required donning gloves in order to get him in and out of his carrier is…well…worth it. It’s all fucking worth it.

What I’m looking at right now

The journey started, in my mind, about five minutes before we planned to leave for the airport. The cats had been freaky all day, put off by us scurrying madly all over the place in order to get ALL THE THINGS accomplished. When it came time to put on Shadow’s harness, hell broke loose. He was having none of it, and left his very bloody opinion on Steven’s hands. At one point I think we both thought we were going to have to leave him behind. That’s when the gloves came out, and we stuffed this poor yowling cat into his carrier.

Pumpkin, on the other hand, hid under the couch, but not very well. This is why Shadow brings home multiple mice, chipmunks, birds and/or moles every day for our ‘enjoyment’, and Pumpkin manages to catch only one or two a week. (Which in no way mitigates the horror of waking up to find him eating a headless bunny next to my bed. That’s an image you can’t shake.)

After getting them prepped for takeoff, we had one last visit with our dear friends who I’m going to miss terribly and wish I could hug right now (what’s up, Iaconos!!). Then, the airport.

Looking into Shadow’s carrier is like looking into the dark depths of my soul.

I’m not going to walk through the whole trip again step by step. Suffice to say, if you’re traveling with cats, bring more absorbent pads, wet food, patience, and resilience than you think you’ll need.

Once we got to our stopping point, after what felt like eons, we could finally rest. Waking up in a brand new country with my beloved cat ready for a major cuddle fest instantly erased all the worry, frustration, and heartache it took  to get us all here.

Have you ever done something crazy for your furry friends? Let me know. I’d like to hear I’m not alone in this madness.


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